A new solar solution to charge more devices, faster, and stay connected.


  • Cell phones

  • Laptops

  • iPads

  • Batteries

The Gazelle Solar Tracker

  50 million people in the US were without power for more than 3 days in the last 5 years  

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  • Emergency

  • Off Grid

  • Developing Countries

Folds flat. Bring it out, set it up in less than a minute, aim at the sun and it will follow the sun all day.

Our product is an innovative portable solar tracker. Like all trackers, it allows the panel to rotate and face the sun all day for maximum energy harvesting.  Our uniquely designed system moves a  solar panel without the use of electricity, batteries or software and therefore, is extremely inexpensive, rugged, and efficient. Throughout the day the panel moves slowly East to West enabling charging of muliple devices at outlet speeds, a bigger battery and faster availiable power. Pictured here is a rendering of a 60W 3 foot square panel on the Gazelle Solar Tracker charging a solar battery and two cell phones directly.

All solar trackers, large or small make solar panels more efficient.  Panels directly facing the sun all day allows the most light to be absorbed by the panel instead of bouncing off.


Up until now it's been prohibitivly expensive to make a small solar tracker for portable panels. The energy increase didn't offset the expense.


 Our engineers have created a proprietary simple method of moving the panel that brings the price down extraordinarily.



Three different sizes are offered to accomidate up to a 240W 6 foot panel.