Where Electricity is Intermittent or Non Existent
Set up sustainable cell phone charging micro - businesses or community solar throughout locations such as Sub-Sahara Africa and India.
Using our solar tracker we can charge more cell phones with existing solar panels at less expense than any other off grid solution.
Phone usage increases 10-14% when charging solutions are available, allowing more critical communications and transactions in remote and poor areas.

Quick facts about cell phones and usage in Africa


  • Currently 1.5 Billion people worldwide have no electricity.

  • Large parts of Africa are an example of a regional market where cell phone infrastructure has been built before landlines.

  • In South Africa 65% of all Google searches are on mobile devices every weekend

  • In Nigeria there are 100 Million cell phones and mobile has passed computers for net access

  • In 2016 there are 1 Billion cell phones on the African continent alone.

  • In Kenya 50% of all money transactions move through mobile money