Concept to Innovation

The Concept


When Superstorm Sandy hit the New York region the founders were out of electricity for many days and left scrambling to charge cell phones and laptops. The solar panels available were taking days to charge a cell phone, and not practical for the emergency. Our mission became to create a better solar generator to provide fast power to e-devices.


Our aim was to keep it inexpensive, simple and mobile



Our Product Goals

Charge faster

Charge multiple devices

Charge larger devices

Charge bigger batteries


Knowing that large solar arrays often use a solar tracker to follow the sun because of the large increases in efficiency, our engineers ran calculations to see what that efficiency benefit was vs. using a fixed panel. The results were spectacular.


A sample of the increase in efficiency was:


+37.2% Albany, NY

+47.0% Tuscon, AZ


Our concept was born! Our goal was to create a method for small panels to track the sun similar to the big installations.


We were on to something...but...there were challenges to simply using the same technology as the big solar trackers.


We had to:

Reduce the size and weight

Reduce the complexity

Increase the durability

Reduce the cost by 90%



The Innovation

The first commercially available portable solar tracker

After two years of development we have a working prototype with new technology that is simple, inexpensive and will increase the efficiency of any solar panel allowing fast charging directly to multiple mobile devices or batteries.


  • New technology - Patent pending technology that does not work on the same principles as the larger solar arrays

  • Low cost - The tracker which can be used with a wide range of panels costs less than $150.00.

  • Variety of configurations - A complete kit, ready to go, is available with tracker with battery, cables and panel.

  • Folds flat - Can be stored out of the way and brought out as needed.

  • Lightweight - Without the panel, weight is less than 5 lbs.

  • Durable - Designed to withstand windy, dusty and cold conditions.

  • Easy to use - Simple device helps aiming directly at the sun. Just aim and forget.

  • Use anywhere - Adjusts to latitude and seasonal changes

  • Obvious to use in any language - Can be bought and used easily anywhere on the planet.